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Beta release of the rust bindings


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As of yesterday, a beta version of the rust bindings is available. Please tinker around with them and post any bugs, suggestions and other feedback here.


The current version of the bindings is attached to this post, including example sources and an example project, which enumerates connected devices. The bindings can also be installed using Cargo by listing

tinkerforge = "2.0"

in the


secion of a project's Cargo.toml.


The bindings require a nightly version of the rust compiler, or the current beta release (version 1.31), which will be released as stable on the 7th of december, according to the road map. The beta can be installed with

rustup install beta

and then can be used with

cargo +beta build

. Also it is possible to set the beta as the default compiler with

rustup default beta

, which allows compiling without additional arguments.


Nearly all get and set functions and callback registrations are asynchronous, as they return a wrapper around a Receiver, that converts received bytes into structured data. More information can be found in the binding's readme and here. The documentation on the Tinkerforge home page is not visible yet, as it is still work in progress.


Have a lot of fun!





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