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Are there any more bricklets planned for the future?


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An IMU Brick with 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer and compass will be available in the next weeks. A GPS Bricklet or Brick is on our list of planned modules, currently I can't say when it will be available.

Do you have special ideas regarding the camera? Wouldn't do a simple webcam? We will never be able to compete on price with it...



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In my opinion a camera would be very nice. @Bastian: If a normal USB Camera should be used for this, the already named USB-Hub/Port or something like this gets more important.

The greatest beneficial of a camera-Bricklet (which sends the images live to the pc) might be, that you can use the images easier for your programms. E.g. for live control a robot or a quadrocopter from first person / drivers view.

Maybe there is a compromise: TinkerForge could provide an USB-Port-Bricklet and a Software (a kind of wrapper-code maybe) wich gives you the possibility to easy use and control your own webcams such that you are able to use your own webcam in the robot, controling it by your provided code. In this case we don't have to use software from other providers. This makes it easier to use.

What do you think about a solution of this kind?

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You could "beat" a usb webcam in many ways :

webcam need x86 pc and driver for it most of the time

webcam have 30° angle, it's too narrow most of the time (60° is more generic, but you could also want to have 180° or even 360° using a mirror for robotics)

You could add a traitement chip (as for kinect), to produce an image pre-processed like with color preprocessed using ambiant light as reference. You could also add basic traitement like a mouse like one, that give mouvement of the camera it-self (for robotique), or track few objects on image (track lights or specific object, like the pink ball of the sony Aibo ).

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