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Unable to flash servo brick


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Hello all,


I'm having a number of problems with the servo brick currently. Whenever it's plugged into a stack, all the lights in the entire stack go off. Whenever it's plugged into a stack of bricks, my computer doesn't see it. However, when my computer is plugged directly into the brick it sees it without trouble.


I've tried to flash the brick, but despite being able to see/use/control the servo brick via brickv, brickv is unable to see the brick in the flashing menu.


Any ideas?




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To flash a servo brick look here.


First bring the Brick into the bootloader modus. Press and hold the “Erase” button of the Brick and connect it via USB to your PC. The blue LED should be off. Now the Brick should be in the bootloader (based on your operating system some sort of Atmel device could be detected).


On Windows you might need to install Atmel driver “atm6124_cdc.inf” from the drivers subdirectory in the Brick Viewer installation directory.


If you have an old Linux kernel you might need to install the kernel driver from here (at the bottom: “SAM-BA Linux USB driver”)

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