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Midi controller possibilities


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Hi Team,


I really like the stackable 'Lego' approach! When looking through the shop I came across the Rotary Poti and the Joystick bricklets and I was wondering if this could make for a simple Midi instrument/controller? Any plans for pushbuttons and are there ways to make off-the shelve buttons work with the system?


Interested to find out.


Kind regards, D.

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Well, you can do what ever you want with the data from Linear/Rotary Potis or Joysticks on your PC. Controlling volume or the pitch for a sound or something like that would be quite easy, i would guess.

You can attach buttons to the IO4 and IO16 bricklet. The API for both has callbacks that trigger you if a button is pressed/released and you can set a debounce period.

Cheers, Olaf

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