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How to use the Micro Switch


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I want to use the Stepper Brick to control something similar to a conveyer belt but I need to be able to "reset" the position to a known position after a full action has been taken. You can compare it to the calibration a printer does from time to time to verify that the printer head is at the right position. Can I use the Micro Switch to do this and if so, how do I connect the Switch to the Master Brick/Stepper Brick?



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Typically you connect a switch to an IO Bricklet by connecting one pin with the logic pin (A0...A7, or B0...B7 in case of IO16) and the other pin to GND. When you enable the internal pullups of the IO Bricklet, all pins are logical "high". If you now press the switch, it will short the logic pin to GND and your pin gets logical "low".

Hint: Its important that you switch the internal pullups. If you do not, the signal is floating when the switch is not pressed and you get random behaviour.

I hope thats helps.



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