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The machine is build out of aluminium profiles from MayTec: http://www.maytec.org/mainframe_e.htm

There are unfortunately no construction plans or the like. Also the profiles are quite expensive, the materials we used are probably more expensive then a ready-to-use beginner CNC mill.

And just as a disclaimer: If you want to use Stepper Bricks to control a CNC machine, you have to put in quite a bit of work. You either have to write your own gcode parser that translates gcode to commands for the Stepper Brick or you have to adapt something like Linux EMC.

A second solution i can think of is to use 3 Stepper Bricks with 3 Debug Bricks and to write a small C firmware that sends the serial commands to the driver IC on the Brick. This way you can use Linux EMC as it is.

The third and definitely best solution would be to write a C firmware for the Stepper Bricks that can parse gcode directly. This could beat every hobby CNC mill out there that uses Linux EMC in terms of precision. But this would also be lots of work :-).

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