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Load cell calibrate zero problem


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We have 2 weight scales built with a 5 kg cell, a master brick 2.1 and a load cell bricklet 1.0 (first scale) and load cell bricklet 2.0 (second scale). The 2 scales worked perfectly well for a long time. But now, the Calibrate zero function in Brickviewer 2.4.18 does not work any more: the reading remains unchanged. Any clue to what has gone wrong?

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I do complete calibration sequences. And no, updating BV to latest version did not fix the issue. I purchased all new scale parts with no success, hence I could not identify a faulty component. This is a real mystery because it did work before. On the other hand, it does not make the scale unusable, because taring before entering the Calibration function does the trick.

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