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  1. Your photo does not show the motor type, but it shows "moons". Go to the moons website, look up the motor, click "recommended options" for cables etc. example
  2. Moritz, In my experience, the Outdoor Weather Bricklet + TH-6148 is the best choice when you want reliable reading of ambient temperature and humidity. I have 4 of these sensors running, indoors and outdoors, all communicating wirelessly with the same Outdoor Weather Bricklet and can recommend it without reservations. Any T/H sensor inside a computer case will always give a reading that is off, because the temperature inside the box will be higher than the ambient temperature. The difference (inside box vs ambient) will change depending on conditions such as ventilation, room temperature, load of your CPU, etc. so is difficult to compensate for. The TH-6148 is electrically isolated from your system, and you can more easily experiment with its location. Location matters a lot for T/H sensors. The TH-6148 can also be read by anybody, directly, because it has its own display, which always works, no software needed. Many people appreciate this. Good luck!
  3. Unfortunately, AFAIK, the individual values can not be accessed in any way; the calculation of the IAQ is a black box: I can recommend the CO2 Bricklet (unfortunately, this has become quite expensive) and the Particulate Matter Bricklet.
  4. Hi, The context (hardware, software, ...) of your question is not clear to me. Maybe you are using a Warp charger? There isa separate forum for that.
  5. Fixed. Multiple resets and reboots did not fix this; unplugging the system from power fixed it. Interesting. Solved!
  6. Hello, I am having a small problem with the GPS Bricklet 2.0 (FW 2.0.7). When I set the fix LED configuration to 4 (PPS) this effectively switches the LED off. With a GPS Bricklet 3.0 this works as expected: the LED blinks once per second. Both Bricklets have a fix. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Hello, The LED Strip Bricklet 2.0 can be connected to the DC power supply line for the LEDs it controls. What is the maximum DC voltage the Bricklet can safely handle? I can't find this in the docs.
  8. Or use a short ribbon cable to put the Pi and the HAT next to each other, instead of on top of each other.
  9. Sigvald, Could it be that your hardware does not supply enough power? If that happens, the GPS Bricklet can seem to work normally, but it never finds satellites.
  10. Can you be any more specific? Will this be days, or weeks?
  11. Hello, This morning I wanted to order some parts including the HAT Brick, but the HAT Brick is listed as "out of stock". Will it be available again, or will it be replaced with something else? And is there a timeline for this? Any info would be welcome.
  12. That was my point @borg, kind of, but I obviously did not make myself very clear. Thanks for responding and Happy tinkering!
  13. FWIW, the shop page and the documentation for the GPS Bricklet 2.0 both still say: "Supports GPS and GLONASS simultaneously (later Galileo through software update)"
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