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What is typical max range of WIFI Extension? (Small Antenna)


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Dear Kris,


we have not tested the range. It's not easy to give general information about it, since it depends on many things. Evidently, the range is outdoor greater then indoors with walls in between. Big reinforced concrete walls will effect it more than slim dry walls.


Our Wifi module has an power amplifier with 18dBm output power. That's a lot if you compare it with other modules. So you can expect a higher range than with other typical wifi products.


Sorry that I can't give you more information at the moment.



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Wanted to know is it in between (outdoor, small antennas):

- (10-20m);

- (20-50m);

- (50-150m);

- or to 500m

so i have to test it out.


Im planing to use it on RC helicopter with very expensive payload. I have to know how much I can fly away. I will have fail-safes for return home in case of loosing signal. For sure I will test it on the ground fist, and share with test results.

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It will be a big RC Helicopter Drone for filming from the air. Autonomous, but controlled from the ground. Will fly along the designated 3D points (sent from the computer during the flight or manually marked during the flight manual). Similarly gimbal control (Camera control and stabilization system) that will switch between modes (GpsTracking point3D tracking, HeadTraking with video feed, manual / stick). It will operate under local control (on helicopter, with the help of sensors) system preventing collisions in the case when the flight route will be on a collision course.


GPS precision and speed will be increased using an accelerometer, and a mini camera horizontally stabilized always directed vertically downward.

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