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Brick Viewer - Connect, then nothing


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I have received my order today, thank you.

Master brick, IR distance measuring bricklet, and 4x20 LCD display.

I thought,  "Input and output; let's see what we can do!"

Very impressed with build quality, documentation, support, security of delivery, etc.


On WinXP, I have installed Brick daemon and it is listed with status "Started" in Services (under Administative Tools").

I have installed Brick Viewer, and started it.

Following instructions at http://www.tinkerforge.com/doc/Hardware/Bricks/Master_Brick.html#test-your-master-brick

"Connect the Brick to the PC over USB. You should see a tab named “Master Brick” in the Brick Viewer after you pressed “connect”. Select it."

There is a blue status light on Master Brick, and the Extension status LEDs did some sequential blinks up and down.

I have pressed "Connect" in Brick Viewer, but there is no tab named “Master Brick”.

I have host "localhost" and Port 4223.

IR Distance and 4x20 Display are not yet connected.

Is there a step I have missed?


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Some ideas:


Do you have installed the drivers? Please check if the drivers are installed correctly.


(see http://www.tinkerforge.com/doc/Software/Brickd.html#windows-driver-installation)


Do you have restarted your PC after the Brick Daemon installation? If not please try it.


Also you can take a look into "Administrative Tools -> Events". If there are any problems they should be listed there.

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Yes, restarted the PC after installing the daemon, and I installed the drivers OK.

I have just restarted again (after retiring to bed) to inform you of these which I had forgotten earlier.


We are working now!

Perhaps after a second restart (after drivers installed) it all comes together.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Back to bed for me now. More tomorrow.


Cheers :-)

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