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Singed Driver for Windows 8 - 64


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On Windows 8 the Brick Daemon and Brick Viewer installers don't install any drivers, that's correct. There are two reasons for this:


1. The drivers aren't signed and Windows 8 doesn't allow to installed unsigned driver by default.


2. Windows 8 can auto detect a Brick and install it's own driver for it. You don't need the drivers that come with Brick Daemon and Brick Viewer on Windows 8.


If you connect a Master Brick (with a version 2 firmware) to USB, it'll show up as "Master Brick" in the USB devices category in the device manager. Now brickd should be able to find it and a connected brickv should show it.


If a Brick is in bootloader mode then Windows 8 will auto detect it as a serial port named "GPS Camera Detect". This serial port can then be selected in brickv for flashing.


Doesn't it work for you as described?

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