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[Java] IpConnection auto reconnect deadlock?


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To try and get round the now-and-again problem of my stack locking up (not just crashing, but totally locking up), I plugged my stack's power-supply in an IKEA 2 euro timer switch. Every 6 hours, I let the timer switch cut the power for 30 mins, thus ensuring that my stack is (hard) reset every 6 hours.


I thought that the TF API auto reconnect feature would ensure my controlling program would be able to reconnect to my stack every time, albeit after trying for 30 minutes each time the stack power is cut.


Unfortunately, my program fails to auto-reconnect most of the time.


I'm attaching a screenshot of the Eclipse debugger showing the main thread suspended .. to show what it is doing. The thread always appears to be waiting on a socketMutex.


Could this be a bug? Or am I missing something else?




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