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Wall box mount


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I like the idea of standardizing the size of components! I think it would be very interesting to have some intelligence in the walls of the house, and to that end, it would be nice to be able to mount Bricks inside wall-mount boxes. I hear there are several different standards for such. Here in Norway, I think we have the same as in Germany. It appears the US has NEMA standard sizes.


Here's an example of wall mount box that I'm likely to use.


To achieve this, Bricks and Bricklets would have to fit. As the diameter appears to be 71 mm, that's already the case. Then, we'd need mounting brackets. That should be pretty easy, it seems. Then, any "user interface" in terms of e.g. USB ports, would have to be facing in the right direction, and there would need to be face plates to make it pretty.


Just an idea from me! :-)





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