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Sudden enumeration failure


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Hi chaps,


After months of essentially trouble-free running, my control program now consistently fails to enumerate my stack's configuration.


The Wifi extension seems to work OK (associates with router).. but the rest of the stack appears dead. Could this be a dead Master ?


I've been running the stack on a timer switch for several weeks now.. switching the stack's power off for 30 mins every 2 hours. So you could say I'm cycling the components quite a bit...



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If the WIFI Extension associates with your router then the Master Brick has to be working (to some extent at least), because the WIFI Extension doesn't act on its own, it is configured and controlled by the Master Brick.


IIRC you have a Dual Relay, a Distance IR and an LCD 20x4 Bricklet connected to your Master Brick. Is this the rest of the stack that doesn't show up anymore?


Does the Master Brick itself still show up over the WiFi connection?


If it doesn't, what happens if you connect the stack over USB?

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My stack is a dual-Master Brick affair with a bit more than just Dual Relay and Distance IR.


Anyway, I reassembled the stack without Dual Relay and Distance IR, and hooked it up to my Mac, and everything is OK... so the most likely cause is the Dual Relay having died.


This immediately brings up the question: is it reasonable that enumeration fails completely because of a single bricklet being dead for whatever reason? I think enumeration should be more robust.. it shouldn't be the SPOF.

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Maybe the EEPROM on the Dual Relay Bricklet storing its plugin was effected by EMI and got (partly) erased. You could try to flash the Dual Relay Bricklet again. As your stack doesn't boot if the Bricklet is connected you need to hotplug it: First connect the Master Brick to USB and wait for the end of the blinken lights sequence, then connect the Bricklet to the running Brick and finally flash it in brickv.

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