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Tinkerforge Weather-station python script


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Recently published instructions in a PC mag. pointed to http://tinyurl.com/mxw8omx. This download was to employ a completed script, to run the TF weatherstation i.e download and dump data to Drop Box. Sounded very useful indeed. Problem is the script will not run successfully in Gene the recommended compiler for this exercise.

Situation is: RPi "B" Raspibien, Gene running, file (downloaded unzipped as described above) First few lines of script read:


#!/usr/bin/env python


import pygame, csv,os

from pygame.locals import *

from datetime import datetime

import pytz

import upload

from Today import *


Result: Traceback (blah blah blah) Import error: No module named pytz.

program exited blah blah.


As one would have reasonable confidence that this script was tested before publication, one is somewhat startled by this result???


Any ideas?



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