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brickv and brick 2.2.0 RC1 Test (RED Brick preparation)


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The RED Brick will be released really soon now :)


Brick Daemon and Brick Viewer got support for the RED Brick. We'd like to use the remaining time until the release for an release candidate test to find and fix potential problems before the release.


You can download RC1 versions of brickd and brickv 2.2.0 for testing here:




Please report all problems and findings here, thanks!




Apart from the RED Brick support there are some other changes and additions as well:


Brick Viewer 2.2.0

  • Allow to rearrange Brick and Bricklet tabs and detach them from the main window
  • Improve UI for NFC/RFID Bricklet read and write operations
  • Windows installer and drivers are signed now
  • Fix occasional bounce of the connect button
  • Fix UI font selection on Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10


Brick Daemon 2.2.0

  • Colorized log messages
  • Detect and drop pending requests that will never get a response
  • Windows installer and drivers are signed now
  • Mac OS X installer signed on Mac OS X 10.10 to make it pass the Gatekeeper again
  • Enable logrotate for brickd.log on Linux
  • Remove all categories from logging system

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