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Maximum bricklet cable length


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Hey guys,


The blog post about the master brick 2.1 says:


With a Master 2.0 and four Bricklet connectors, the maximum bus length was 4x2m = 8m. To increase the electromagnetic immunity, we split the I2C bus into four different buses with an I2C hub.


Does this mean the 2.1 version of the master brick can use 8m bricklet cables since every bricklet port has its own bus?

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Well, we're not going to selling longer Bricklet cables now. And we still recommend using the shortest possible Bricklet cables.


The statement about the maximum I2C bus length was just documenting the fact that you could connect 4x 2m Bricklet cables to one Master Brick and end up with an 8m I2C bus, which is quite long.


I doubt that an 8m long Bricklet cable will work at all, because of the resulting voltage drop.

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