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Brick Viewer Not Showing Master Brick


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I am attempting to see a Master Brick Tab in the Brick Viewer. Brick Daemon 2.2.1 and Brick View 2.2.2 are installed on a Windows 7 platform. I can see that the Brick Daemon is running as a Service with no errors showing in logviewer.  I can connect Brick View to Brick Daemon but there is no Master Brick Tab.


Master Brick setup.  I have connect the USB cable from the Master Brick to my PC and I can see the brick in Device Manger. It shows up under device "libusb (WinUSB) Device" as "Tinkerforge Brick".

Device Status: "This device is working properly".

Location: Location 0 (Port_#0003.Hub_#0001).

Version: 6.1.7600.16385


I have Internet Information Server enabled so the localhost is available.

The port used between the Daemon and the Viewer is 4223 and I can see it using the netstat -a command.


Perhaps this is a security issue on my PC.

Can anyone tell me what I need to check for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Okay, you've already check most of the relevant things. There are some things left to do.



First, get a debug level log from Brick Daemon:


1. Disconnect the Master Brick from USB.

2. Close Brick Viewer.

3. Start logviewer and switch to Live Debug Log in the View menu.

4. Connect the Master Brick to USB. You should get many debug messages in logviewer now.

5. Save the Live Debug Log output using the Save... item in the File menu.

6. Attach the saved log to your next forum post so I can have a look at it.



Second, check to what kind of USB hub/controller the Master Brick is connected:


1. Open the device manager.

2. Switch to Device By Connection mode in the View menu.

3. Expand the tree until you find the Master Brick.

4. What's the name of the parent device of the Master Brick (it should be some kind of USB Root Hub)? A screenshot of the device manager would be nice.

5. Open the properties dialog of that USB Root Hub and go to the Details tab.

6. What are the values for the Device Instance Id, the Hardware Ids, the Service and the Bus Relation fields?



Third, if the USB Root Hub or its parent USB Host Controller is a Renesas/NEC USB 3.0 one then check its driver version. If the driver version is older then 2.1.16 then you need to update. See the "Renesas/NEC USB 3.0 controller with old driver" in our FAQ for more details.

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