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missing library "special" when opening kicad project


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for many hardware project in tinkerforge, when we open the schematics inside kicad we get a message saying that the library "special" is missing.


Actually, there was a problem in kicad solved on may 22nd regarding this library problem. See https://forum.kicad.info/t/the-following-libraries-were-not-found-special-solved/870/2 and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kicad-product-committers/kicad/product/revision/5678 (the file template/kicad.pro).


At least industrial-dual-0-20ma-bricklet and ac-current-bricklet project have this problem.


I attach a patch fixing the problem for ac-current-bricklet.






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many thanks for the hint.

Actually this problem will occur in many of our projects.

I think the only problem is, that the special library is missing in newer kicad versions, so it has to be removed from the library configuration of any project. As far as I know there should not be missing any symbols when doing this.


This does not have a high priority for us, since it can easily be fixed by the user.


Kind regards,



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