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Brick MQTT Proxy - LCD20x4 How to Button Control


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It's a bit tricky. You could use the is_button_pressed() function to poll for button presses in the MQTT proxy. But it's easy to miss button presses this way.


So you'd need to use the button_pressed and button_released callbacks. But currently there is no callback handling like this in the proxy.


As an example, I've added a new button_pressed topic for the LCD Bricklets, that is fed via the button_pressed and button_released callbacks. Have a look at the latest Brick MQTT Proxy version on github.

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Have tested and is working fine. Thanks.


To check by the application which button is pressed, the JSON string is parsed. The keys checked are "0": ... "3":.

The only caution is that the JSON string does not contain the word Button or LCD20x4, so in case "0": ... "3": are also used for other messages then a conflict is the result.

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