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ipcon_connect returns -4 (◾E_NO_CONNECT)


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I am creating a C++/MFC program to run the stepper motor.  I have included "ws2_32.lib" and "advapi32.lib" in the project properties (linker additional dependencies).


I am using the following defines:


#define HOST "localhost"

#define PORT 4223

#define UID "5W5jBJ" // Obtained from running brick viewer

I am using the following code, taken from the example code:


// Create IP connection

IPConnection ipcon;



// Create device object

Stepper stepper;

stepper_create(&stepper, UID, &ipcon);


// Connect to brickd

if (ipcon_connect(&ipcon, HOST, PORT) < 0)


  //returns -4


Everything compiles fine, but I can't connect.  I have loaded the brickd drivers for the stepper motor, and I can connect and run the stepper motor using brick viewer.


Any clues as to what I may be doing wrong?  Thanks.


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Can I ask a follow up question?  Your suggestion worked and we are now able to run the stepper motor.  However, when execution of the following test block is finished, I have memory leaks.  Obviously, this block doesn't do anything except connect and release, but I wanted to isolate the memory leak problem:



IPConnection ipcon;



Stepper stepper;

stepper_create(&stepper, UID, &ipcon);






My output windows shows:


Detected memory leaks!

Dumping objects ->

{586} normal block at 0x006E50C0, 4248 bytes long.

Data: <    5  6n    > 01 00 00 00 20 35 F6 C0 E0 36 6E 00 02 00 00 CD

Object dump complete.


Thank you for any advice.

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