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Tinkerforge Visual Programming Language (TVPL) Alpha


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TVPL is a visuell programming environment to control Tinkerforge Bricks and Bricklets. TVPL is based on Google's Blockly.


A TVPL alpha version can be tested locally (source/index.html in the attached ZIP file) or on our server (recommended):




At the moment getters/setters of Bricks and Bricklets can be used und buttons, labels and plots can be used to form GUIs. Examples and a readme-alpha.txt with more details can be found in the attached ZIP file. TVPL programs can currently be executed in the browser only.


We'd like to hear your feedback about TVPL. Do you like it? Do you think it's useful? What don't you like about it? etc.


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This could be interesting for very young people.. though I'm having trouble seeing which age group can both master the concepts of variables, hosts/ports, and require the extreme vulgarisation of a totally Lego-block style language.


My guess is that any youngster who has tasted any conventional text-based programming will not wish to invest any time in this.. (just guessing).

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