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[BUG?] UV Light returns a high value


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an UV Light bricklet is used with a Master Brick 2.1 (fw 2.4.0) and the new WiFi 2.0 extension (fw 2.0.0).


The value returned from Java method getUVLight() is rather high, like 80000 which results in a too high UV index when deviding by 250.

When deviding again by 250 (80000 / 250 / 250), then UV index seems ok.


Think this is a bug. Pls advice.

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I just tested this setup and it works for me.


Does it make a difference if you connect the Master Brick over USB instead of WiFi?


Is the return value fixed at 80000, or can you make it change by changing the UV exposure?


Please try reflashing the Bricklet in Brick Viewer and check for bend pins in the Bricklet connectors on the Bricklet and the Brick.

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