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Red brick restarted and lost all files and configuration


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I have a problem with my Red Brick, I have uploaded some scripts on Red Brick and configured some ports to be opened, and after I do Reboot Red Brick on Brick Viewer all my files and configuration is lost, is there a way to preserve linux machine state?

I do not want to reupload all my files on each reboot.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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For example, I tried to upload .jar and .sh file (I did that by going through wizard in BrickViewer on RedBrick->Program->New), sh file has code for opening ports and that works, I checked my ports and ones that I stated in code were open, also files were where I've put them in folder.

But, after I rebooted my Redbrick on RedBrick->System->Reboot RedBrick, all my uploaded files and changes to ports were gone.

Considering what you've answered, right now I don't have any idea on how can I solve this problem, any additional help would be appreciated.

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