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Not able to Flash Master Brick 2.0


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Having an older Master Brick and wanted to update to latest firmware version. Updated several Masters, but this device does not work.


Put the Master Brick in bootloader mode (blue LEDs turned off), but the device is not recognized as serial device on:

a) Raspberry Pi 3B+ running latest brickd + brickv. When connecting via USB the RPi freezes. Plugging out, the RPi is back to normal.

b) PC running Stretch: no tty device, i.e. ttyACM0 listed.

c) PC running Windows 10 with latest brickd + brickv: No serial device found.


Tried to run brickv as root or admin, but did not help.


Any hints on how to flash the Master Brick appreciated


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Tried again:

Connected to PC USB port, set bootloadermode, the Master Brick started to smell and is getting hot (can not touch anymore) ... immediate unplugged. Will not plugin anymore!

There it seems you have a shortlink in your connection. Please check your 4 connections to the bricklets whether there is one pin bended and touching the neighbour pin. Unbend it and try it again.

I also had one case where I couldn't upgrade a master because of this fault.

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