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Travel time


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I have a motor connected to a silent stepper set to a generic basic configuration, step resolution, speed ramping (acceleration and deceleration) and velocity.


The stepper is being told to travel x steps (using SetTargetPosition in C#).How do you calculate travel time T? (How do you know how long it will take for the motor to reach the target?)  ???


Note: travel time T needs to account for acceleration, deceleration and when the motor travels with full velocity.

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Very interesting issue, never thought about to calculate estimated time of arrival, but would be fine to have it.

My first clue would be to use the callback AllDataCallback


It returns also remaining steps and current velocity [steps/s] that gives y a rough base to calculate the time?!


By callback NewStateCallback y could differenciate more precisly between (de)acceleration- and run state.

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Thanks for the reply @Nic!

You can calculate time using step resolution, velocity and remaining steps but this calculation does not account for acceleration and deceleration.


Motors accelerate and decelerate different based on the speed ramping values.

I found these formulas and I am currently using them but it's still not precise and I think I am not accounting for the speed ramping values correctly.

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