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Smart Starter Board/Brick


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Hi, i just saw the micro bit roboters and i am asking if tinkerforge could also support robotics.


My idea would be a usable, smart, autonomic board same like the microbit which can be stacked and connect to other and has bricks. Containing with e.g.

* giroscope

* temperature

* light

* wifi/bluetooth/something wireless

* 2x servo PWM,

* rgb led

* 2x Led or dual button

* Button

* 2x Bricklet connector

* Power source connector

* GPIO/Breakout/InputOutput

* infrared

* and other small sensors if possible


Compared to the microbit (https://eckstein-shop.de/DFRobot-micro-Maqueen-micro-bit-Robot-Platform) they have many small electronics on a single board like the IMU brick. But when i want to build a robot with Tinkerforge, than i need a big stack like servo, master, Wifi, power supply. And i don't even have a good case for the driving part. I would love to have a kind of a Starter Brick.

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