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Thermal Imaging Bricklet - Contrast and Temperature image simultaneously


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I am using a Thermal Imaging Bricklet.

I'm currently trying to get the temperature and the contrast image at the same time. It says in the documentation that it's not possible (from what I understood)


I have tried using both  (TEMPERATURE IMAGE/ HIGH CONTRAST IMAGE) one after another, each time creating a new BrickletThermalImage but it didn't work.

I also tried to make a variation, as following:

if counter % 2 == 0: //Even Number ==>  get temperature image
    ti_temp = BrickletThermalImaging(UID, ipcon)
    ti_temp.set_spotmeter_config([0, 0, 79, 59])
    temp_data = ti_temp.get_temperature_image()
else: //Odd number ==>  get temperature image
    ti_temp = BrickletThermalImaging(UID, ipcon)
    image_data = ti_temp.get_high_contrast_image()

This also does not seem to work, I get the following results:


I manage to get the correct results for temperatures the first time, but afterwards it seems I only get the image data (or some values close to it) instead of the temperature data. If I leave the *else* part from the code, I always get the temperature data perfectly. 

Since I want to have the image and the corresponding temperatures to it at the same time, is there a way to do that? Or to achieve something closer to that?


Thank you very much!

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Creating a new BrickletThermalImaging object each time is not necessary (and it might slow down your program over time).

The problem is that changing the configuration from temperature to high contrast (or back) can take several images. The lepton sensor has a sync mechanism and the Bricklet can not guarantee that it can sync within one image after the image transfer configuration is changed.

I think the easiest solution for you would be to just use the temperature image and to create the high contrast image from it yourself.

As an initial approximation you can scale the temperatures from temperature min/max in the image to 0-255 and show that (this is what the Brick Viewer does if you choose the temperature image).

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