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Bus Plain


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I would like to be able to join several rotary pots (8+) to one brick? I wondered if there was a bus back plain available or how I would go about doing this?


Sorry if I have miss understood - I am hoping to get more into the hardware/control side of things again and this looks like a great route in I can persue in my own time.


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Thanks for your reply, I think this is a really neat idea.


I think I got the concept now with the eeprom on each module handling the 'firmware' for each bricklet.


Will it possible in the future to build your own modules using an 'expansion' board that would have the required eeprom, connector etc, that I could use to interface my own circuits. I could then transfer my own firmware to the eeprom using the viewer. I do not have fabrication facilities capable of producing one using surface mount components.


- I saw someone else planned to make their own modules in another post


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