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CAN-Bus Errors


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at the moment I try to read data from the CAN-Bus of my Opel Corsa with the CAN-Bricklet. The Ground, CAN-H and CAN-L are connected via an OBD2 cable to the CAN-Bricklet. All three LEDs light up constantly. I'm getting lots of format, stuffing and read errors which you can see in the picture I sent.


I'm using this OBD2-cable which has lots of reviews that the pinout might be wrong for some cables so this could also cause the errors if I just connect some wrong cabels because of the wrong pinout. About testing out which cable is CAN-H or CAN-L I couldn't find that much...


Does it matter if I connect the chassis ground (4) or the signal ground(5)? I've tried both and it doesn't work but anyways I don't think this is causing any errors.

I hope somebody can help. Many thanks in advance!


Best regards

Tim F





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