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Praxis LIVE and TinkerForge


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Hi All and Happy New Year!


A couple of months back I added some basic TinkerForge support into Praxis LIVE, an open-source visual development environment for working with audio, video and other media.  This is included in the recent (121231) release, though somewhat hidden away at the moment - I put development of this on hold pending the v2.0 protocol.  Thought some of you might be interested in having a look or seeing a

.  There's only currently bindings for the starter kit components - the intention is to add the rest once the new protocol is release, and I can either afford more components or find willing testers.  ;)


Feedback on what's there so far would be great.


Thanks and best wishes, Neil

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  • 4 months later...

This took a backseat for a while due to other commitments, but finally got around to updating the Praxis LIVE TinkerForge bindings to v2. This still only covers the starter kit components, but will be looking to improve this situation ASAP.


A couple of questions -


  • I'm planning to purchase further components soon, but probably only those that I am likely to make use of. I'd like to make the Praxis LIVE bindings comprehensive but can't justify (or afford! :) ) everything. Is there any way to get access to other components for purposes of coding / testing the bindings?  Or someone willing to test?
  • Are there any plans at the moment for a visual RAD environment for TinkerForge?  If not, is that something you'd be interested in?  A role Praxis LIVE could play?


@borg - a belated thank you for the short but sweet feedback!  :)

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All new website at www,praxislive.org and a new release brings bindings for IO16, Joystick and Linear Poti bricklets; and the Servo brick. I've also improved various things about the existing component bindings, and added the ability to use an <auto> UID so it's easier to get started.


If anyone's got any thoughts or feedback on this it'd be welcomed.  I'm looking to make Praxis LIVE usable as a comprehensive visual RAD for TinkerForge before the end of the year, and hopefully in the next couple of months.


Will do a blog post and more documentation on the usage of this ASAP.

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