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Recording sound


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For a home security application, I would like to record sound.


Looking through the Bricklet catalog, there's apparently no Microphone Bricklet.. so is there any other way?


I would prefer something out of the catalog though. An ideal Microphone Bricklet would expose some streaming audio API... I know that sampling an ADC at 44kHz or less is really simple, so I'm wondering why I can't just order such a cool Bricklet today? Is there a technical obstacle or is it just lack of sufficient demand? Uncompressed 16-bit mono audio would require a comms bandwidth of less than 0.7 mbps... which USB 1.0 can easily cope with.


Anyone here already doing some TF-based audio recordings?



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That would be very hard to realize with the protocol we are currently using to transfer data between the Bricks and a PC. With the protocol we are transfering 1000 messages per second and a message has a max size of 64 byte. That makes a bandwith of 64Kb in total.


Also, we can't possibly achieve a similar price to existing USB sound cards: http://www.amazon.com/Virtual-5-1-surround-External-Sound-Card/dp/B000N35A0Y/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1358157708&sr=8-2&keywords=usb+sound+card


This price is preposterously low, it would cost 10 times as much if we would produce this thing.

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Thanks for the enlightening reply. It's a shame that the protocol is so USB-centric. I guess that's historic. Somehow I had imagined a protocol that is less bandwidth-limited, but that's because I'm thinking Wifi all the time, not USB.


I would love to see some technical docs on the new protocol. I've got some experience on low-level (TCP/UDP-based) protocol development myself, so maybe I can give some feedback.

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