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Three LCD questions


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Looking at the LCD 16x2 and 20x4 Bricklet docs, I read that both parts seem to use the KS0066U chip, yet that chip's spec states that it can only support 2 lines. Can it be that a copy-paste error has crept in the 20x4 docs? Does it use a more capable driver chip?


Secondly, I would like to display huge HH:MM (time) digits on my LCD. I've seen photos of 4-line displays showing such clock digits built from DOS-like block characters, but after peeking at the currently supported character set, the Bricklet doesn't seem to have the necessary block chars. So my question is: will you enhance the API to support using the RAM-programmable charset generator area of the KS0066U?


And finally, the standard charset looks very wasteful of precious 8-bit code space (what with the 32-odd Japanese glyphs and the 51 (!!) different codes mapping to blanks/spaces). Any plans on shipping an LCD with more efficient use of the code space?


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