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USB vs Wifi, or USB and Wifi


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When connected to a stack via USB, and the stack contains a Wifi extension, can the stack be accessed via both USB and Wifi at the same time? Or does one medium get priority over the other?


If both communication mediums are allowed in parallel, then why can't Brickv be launched twice on one machine, to approach a single stack via the two routes? When I launch brickv, it seems to detect an already running instance, and refuses to launch a second. Is that by design?

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Connecting over two different interfaces is officially not supported. The following will happen: Setter and getter will work and callbacks will always be routed to the last interface that was used.


Using two Brickv instances is no problem. I don't know how the Mac OS X application launcher works, but i can start two Brickv instances from the console.

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