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Consistent Product Naming


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I'm probably not the first to remark this, but I noticed that most products are called after the physical property that they measure, e.g. current, distance, humidity, temperature. Whereas a minority is called after the measuring device itself: Barometer (measures AirPressure), LinearPoti (measures Resistance).


Obviously from a product naming point of view this isn't a big deal, but from an API design point of view, it is a shame, as consistency of semantics helps readability a lot. It also makes interoperability with third-party APIs dealing with measurement units a bit awkward.



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We try to choose a name that is most intuitive. ResistanceBricklet would not be intuitive for a Poti Bricklet, i think.


AirPressure Bricklet instead of Barometer Bricklet would be OK, but we thought that most people know that a barometer can measure height (which the Barometer Bricklet can too).


And for things like the Distance Bricklet it would be hard to use a name of the device: GP2Y0A41 Bricklet, ugh ;D.

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