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Need some help with Callback listeners in general


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I don't see any examples how to extend callback listeners or create new ones. Just an example with no meaning in Java from the documentation.

device.addExampleListener(new BrickletServoV2.ExampleListener() {
    public void property(int value) {
        System.out.println("Value: " + value);

For the servo there a 2 OOTB examples, but I want to create my own for getCurrentPosition or current used on the servo as example. How do I implement this properly ?


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Unfortunately the Servo Bricklet only has callbacks for positionReached. You can find a complete example for it here: https://www.tinkerforge.com/en/doc/Software/Bricklets/ServoV2_Bricklet_Java.html#callback


If you want a Listener for getCurrentPosition you will have to call getCurrentPosition and implement a Listener-mechanism for that yourself.

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