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Warp2 - Use Smartphones with NFC reader


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I just updated to the latest firmware and I still see that when NFC reader reads the tag from the smartphone it does change all the time. And it also shows only 8 bytes of the address and not all 16 as with the supplied cards.

Is there really no way to reliably identify the user by the Android  smartphone?  I think that such a  Funcionality is super  important.

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This won't work. Android smartphones periodically change the NFC tag ID. The only way to change this (as far as I know) is to use some kind of NFC card emulation app that (depending on your smartphone) will only work if you root your phone. See for example here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19764476/host-based-card-emulation-with-fixed-card-id

We've thought about not using a tag's ID but instead the first payload page (see here: https://github.com/Tinkerforge/esp32-firmware/issues/90) but nobody had the time to implement this yet.

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It works in the ENEL charging platform here in italy where the charger will log you in even without the enel app installed.  I did setup that once and then reflashed a phone and it still authorizes me.  Looking forward, I have this uni campus project where a lot of chargers has to be installed and distributing people cards would be a PITA.

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