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Only half the maximum data throughput with POE Master Extension and Accelerometer V2


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I have a question that came up the other day. It is related to this one here.

My current setup is: Master brick with POE Master Extension with one AccelerometerV2 Bricklet.
For some reason, I don't reach the maximum possible data throughput of the Accelerometer (25600 Hz).
I get around 12800 Hz without optimizing and between 13300 and 13400 Hz with an optimized setup (constant SPI baudrate set to 2.000.000 at the Master Brick).

I repeated the same with the ESP32 Ethernet Brick and got the full 25600 Hz.
The Master Brick itself (without a Master Extension) can also handle the 25600 Hz.

Is it that the POE Master Extension cannot handle the continuous data stream of the accelerometer bricklet?


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I don't have any reliable data about the max throughput of the Ethernet Extension at hand. My suspicion is that the W5500 chip that we use has problems to handle the 1000 packages per second that are necessary for this, it is better at sending large packages, but our protocol only uses 64 bytes per package.

Do you absolutely need the Ethernet Extension in your application or can you use the ESP32 Ethernet Brick?

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We would need the POE functionality to make our application possible (in terms of flexibility with cable lengths and infrastructural boundary conditions).

The ESP32 Ethernet Brick is great (we use it in various use cases). However, the required/additional wiring for the power supply would make it impossible in our new use case. Extending the ESP32 Ethernet Brick with POE would also be a solution, but I understood that this is not priority for you at the moment.

We are trying to match your POE hardware with the high data throughput capabilities of the accelerometer for vibration analysis.

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If you’re not space-constrained, have you considered using a third-party PoE splitter to power an ESP32 Ethernet Brick?

For example, a TP-Link TL-POE10R can output 5V that can be directly fed to the brick after soldering in the pin header in the middle of the board. Other PoE splitters outputting any voltage up to 28V can be used together with the ESP32 power supply.

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