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12 bit resolution for Temperature?


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The docs for the bricklet state:


* Temperature range from -40°C to 125°C

* Output in 0.1°C steps (12bit resolution)


So that's a range of 165 degrees, subdivided in tenths.. that's 1650 possible values. 12 bits give you the integer range 0..4095. The 1650 possible temperature range comfortably fits in 11 bits (0..2047), but not in 10 bits (0..1023). Does that mean we're talking about 1 extra noise bit (the LSB), or do the so-called analog values arrive offset by some base value for -40 degrees?


Secondly, if "Output in 0.1°C steps", then why does Brickv show my temperature values toggling noise-like between 12.50 and 12.56 degrees, with never a value in-between, as one would expect?


I see the same phenomenon with my Distance IR values.. they toggle between two values that are several units of accuracy apart, not just the single unit.


It's as if the claimed accuracy is wrong, but I'm sure that's not the explanation. Just curious.


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