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[Wifi] What is the expected behavior on power OFF/ON?


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I thought I had my Wifi/TimoutExceptions problems sorted, but now things have deteriorated significantly.


First of, I'd like to know what the behavior of the Wifi extension SHOULD be when the stack power is turned off, then on again. Should the Wifi re-associate with the AP or not? Coz if it should, mine definitely is not anymore.


Since my last post I finally managed to extend a TF cable to a length of 4.5m, allowing me to attach my LCD20x4 to the end of it (stack lives in cellar, LCD in kitchen). So now my stack consists of 2x Master, 1x Step Down, 1x Wifi, 1x LCD, 1x Dual Relay plus a bunch of asorted sensor bricklets.


The new cable seemed to work flawlessly.. the display never once behaved differently from what my emulated LCD has been showing for weeks. From that I deduce that all LCD bricklet connector lines are working perfectly.


But the "with LCD" stack showed significant number of TimoutExceptions, whereas the "without LCD" stack could run for 24+ hours without a single TimeoutException.


It's logical to assume that the addition of the long cable + LCD is disrupting the stability of the stack, but I had hoped that this new configuration would not cause any new problems... do you know of anyone with a similar stack configuration?


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If you reset a stack by hand (power on/off or reset button) or if you call the reset function, it will reassociate.


If your stack resets because of EMI problems caused by the long cable, anything might happen (it possibly doesn't restart correctly and the WIFI module is in a broken state). You may need to power it off in that case, so the WIFI module can completely reset itself.


How many Bricklet ports do you have for how many Bricklets? From an EMI perspective it would make sense to use a single Master Brick for the LCD20x4 Bricklet, since all Bricklets on a Master use the same I2C bus.

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