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Brick viewer


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I have downloaded the source code for the Brick Viewer software as I thought  it would be a good starting point for me to create my own application.


I am re-approcching Python after 9 years, so I'm a bit rusty. I'm using Eclipse with a Python plug-in as IDE but can anyone suggest if there's a better development environment I can use (free or commercial)? I would be interested to know what the clever chaps at Tinkerforge use themselves.


Also, I can't find a project file in the downloaded Brick Viewer code, what's the procedure to view the application in its entirety with all its dependencies  and perhaps compile it from scratch?

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For small changes i use vim, for bigger changes i use Eclipse with PyDev too :).


There is a build_pkg.py in the src/ directory. That can be used to build .exe, .dmg and .deb. Especially in the build_windows_pkg you can see all of the dependencies that we put in the windows executable:


"includes" : ["sip",

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