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2.0.3 stepper image with 2013.05-23 compiler problems


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Hi all,


I'm planning to develop an application with the stepperbrick. I need to make a few modifications to the source code to read out an I2C sensor. I know my way around compilers/git/c code but I do run into some trouble just following the steps from firmware upgrades:


When I checkout the 2.0.3 stepper code with the bricklib library in src and run all the cmake scripts with the 2013.05 compiler everything goes well, until I try to upload the Image to the stepperbrick and brick (no pun intended) the stepperbrick. A quick check with md5sum shows that my compiled .bin file is different from the one available on the site. When I upload the binary from the site the viewer recognizes the stepper brick and all is well again: except I am not able to develop an application.


My question is: Anyone else ran into these kind of trouble? And on what platform/compiler etc is the binary from the site compiled? I am currently on Windows 8 but I'm able to switch to Ubuntu/whatever.


Thanks in advance for the info!

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Do you have the newest bricklib checkout? I comittet a bugfix for GCC 4.7.X recently: https://github.com/Tinkerforge/bricklib/commit/b557ecdcd4d18110605dd78d33cce1bca8846687


GCC 4.7.X has a bug with regards to long-calls (which are needed on arm if you call a function that is executed in RAM).


Do you have the Debug Brick? If you have, you could try to make a printf before and after the "uid_get_uid32" call (in init.c). If you get the first print and not the second, you have this bug.

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