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I ve received my order and i m trying to play with two chibi extension but without success.

My goal is to mesasure temperature remotly with two chibi extension, one with temperature sensor plugged in.

There are both well recognize when plugged in my PC, i can configure them: master, slave, etc..

But, when i plug one (with temp sensor) in one PC, and the other one on another PC, i can't see the other chibi extension nor temp sensor. But i see that the power is about 30dbm so, the master see the slave, no ?


I hope i ve been clear. Thanks


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Thanks for your reply Borg.

I ve put the latest firmware 1.1.7 on master. The temp bricklet have firmware 1.1.0.

The temp bricklet works perfectly with master only.  And i use Ubuntu.


I've only try 868Mhz frequency, i'll try the others.





I've try others frequency. All OQPSK frequency type doesn't work (Europe, USA and china). Only BPSK40 (915Mhz) works. Thanks Borg (though i really want Europe frequency to work since i live in France)

By the way, i've found a bug. When you select the channel in the Viewer, click "Save chibi config", unplug, re-plug and re-connect, the channel in the Viewer  is always the value you selected minus 1.



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Indeed, the "minus 1" thing is a bug. There is a +1 missing somewhere for the frequencies where the channels start at 1 instead of 0. i will fix that.


Now, why only one of the frequencies work for you is really hard to say. But it is good to know that it works generally.


Do you have a radio controlled thermostat near you (or something similar)? They normally use the 868Mhz band and might interfere.

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Well, it seems i spoke too soon. Its works once in ten. I don't know where is the problem, i've tried all configuration (address/frequency/channel), it's always the same. Sometimes i've got signal strength equal 0, sometimes i 've got 35 or more. Sometimes i push reset button on the master, then all works, then if i push one more time, nothing works...even if both are 30cm far away of!

At that time, is's unusable for me and i don't see any solutions...

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It works continuously though i never ran it more than 3or 4min to test.

I really don't know what is going on there then.


I've noticed that a top component(it have 6pins) on the chibi board is werdly welded. It is at 30° where it souhld be aligned.

I've got an iron, but man, the component is so small, i can't re-solder it.

Oh. you mean the white component with the red-ish rectangle in it? What hardware version do you have? Does the extension have small white dots at the top left and bottom right (on back and front)?

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Ah, that is a resistor array.


The new hardware version of the Chibi Extension is still called 1.0 (since we didn't change anything about the layout). But if you don't have the dots, you have the old hardware version.


Could you contact info@tinkerforge.com with your order id? I guess we will try to replace your Chibi Extensions, i am out of ideas otherwise.


It may still be possible that there is some kind of interference at your place that is to blame, but we will see that then :).

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