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Disconnect of Bricklet not recognized


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Hello TinkerUnity!

After I implemented the great feature of rugged "enumerate_callback" using reconnect functionality in C, I detected some problem during dis-/reconnecting sensors bricklets.

When the enumerate_callback is triggered during a LAN or USB disconnect, it working quite well, but don't recognizes if a sensor connection has been lost.

My application is running and reporting values of humidity verry well, but if I disconnect the cable to the humudity bricklet, no detection happens!

The callback of the humidity callback is still triggered (answering with obviousley correct values!), only the value has been changed from 45.00% to 10.00% rH (or 10.10%). It seems, that a disconnect of the cable to a bricklet hasn't been detected by tinkerforge. I tried it with other bricklets as well (voltage, temperature...), same result. Is there any way, to monitor the connection to the bricklets? It's important for me to detect, if a bricklet is not valid or alive! If I receive values I hope that this values are correct ;) Maybe I have to evaluate the return "E_UNKNOWN_ERROR_CODE"?

Thanks a lot in advance for some hints,


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