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LED Strip produces wrong colours


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I've got a 50-LED strip connected to a LEDStrip bricklet. In the Brick Viewer (2.1.1), I tell the strip (all 50 LEDs) to "Show Color" with the following results:


0,0,0 all LEDs dark

1,0,0 all LEDs dark BLUE (should be red)

0,1,0 all LEDs dark GREEN

0,0,1 all LEDs dark RED (should be blue)


My own code also fails to get the expected colours by mixing R,G,B parameters.


Have I got a wonky strip? Can't imagine the bricklet to be at fault since there's no direct R, G, B lines going out to the LEDs.

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We should have called it color1, color2 and color3. Unfortunately there is no standard on how the colors are connected. So some manufacturers connect them "RGB", others connect them "BGR".


The LED strips we are selling are actually connected the other way around than the LED pixels...


At the time we made the API we didn't know that there are these differences.

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