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Stepper brick power questions.


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I'm on the very important mission, building a powered crane for my 2 year old.

And run into some problem, that i could use your help answering.


I have a stack of the master brick with 3 bricklet and a stepper brick for the motor.


1) I feed 24V for the stepper brick, but I would be expecting that it will use that power to power the stack with 5V, that is not happening.  Should I add a Stepdown power adapter brick on the bottom to have that stack? If I add it and power it with 12V will I need another separate 12V power input to the stepper brick or the 12V will also be connected over the stack connector?


2) I used a scrap stepper motor that orginaly had 6 wires control and  I only used 4.  It does work, but it consumes hell of the power when stationary. about 0.6A when stationary and only 0.1A when rotating. is that normal for the stepper motors, or there is a problem with my motor or wiring?  This makes it very hard to make a toy battery operated.


3) I tried to do stepper.disable()  and then re enable it on the move so it does not kill the battery pack in minutes but the commands does not seem to work well when used in the callback functions in Pyton.


Any help appreciated





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Nice cardboard construction :)


1) The black connector on the Stepper Brick will only supply the connected motor. There is no 5V regulator on the Brick to create 5V from the motor supply.


You can use a Step-Down Power Supply and supply its black connector with up to 27V. The Step-Down Power Supply has a 5V regulator and will create 5V to supply the stack. It'll also forward the voltage you connected to its black connector to the Stepper Brick motor supply.


So, if you want to supply the stack with 5V and the stepper motor from the same source then you need a Step-Down Power Supply at the bottom of the stack and feed its black connector. Without a Step-Down Power Supply you need to provide the 5V and the motor supply separately.


2) Sorry no clue, I'm going to leave this one for someone else :)


3) There should be no problem with calling enable()/disable() from a callback. Maybe you could show this portion of the code, so we can see how you're doing this?

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