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Master bricks, RS485 extensions and a voltage error...


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Hello all,


Thought I'd mention this somewhere in case it's a flaw...


I've noticed that if two stacks communicate with the RS485 extension, and a voltage/currant sensor is connected to the "master" stack, it reads between 3 to -1 mV, even when there is absolutely nothing plugged in to the voltage sensor. If I unplug the "slave" stack from the other, the voltage reads a flat 0 mV. Plug it back in and it hovers between -1 and 3 mv again. If I connect 12V across the sensor, it still reads -1 mV every half second or so.


The only way I can get a reliable voltage reading without the -1 errors is to have the sensor plugged into anything else other than the "master" stack's Master brick. I've tested all other combinations and swapped the Master bricks around. It only occurs on whichever Master brick is in the "master" stack.


I've no idea if any other sensors connected to the Master brick in this configuration are also affected in a similar way. I've got a temperature sensor connected to the "master" stack too, and that isn't giving me any freezing temperatures!


But, otherwise I've got to say I'm very impressed with this hardware and the ease with which I can control it in my own code...



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