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70W consumption with 5V 8A AC/DC Power Adapter


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I've got the following hooked up to a Watt meter: a Tinkerforge 8A AC/DC Power Adapter, a Tinkerforge 50-LED strip, a Brick and LED Strip, and a Raspberry Pi B to run my logic.


The Watt meter indicates a 69-70W consumption (I'm animating the LEDs somewhat, so their brightness varies).


Even when all LEDs are dark, I'm getting 67-68W.


What is consuming this? Neither the Tinkerforge nor Raspberry consume more than a few Watts... and dark LEDs ..?


Does the power adapter itself consume anything?


Thx for any insights.


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The 5V 8A AC/DC Power Adapter is a switched-mode power supply. I would guess that your watt meter is not able to measure switching power supplies correctly.


Waveforms for switched-mode power supplies as used for much electronic equipment may be very far from sinusoidal' date=' leading to unknown and possibly large errors at any power. This may not be specified in the meter's manual.[/quote']
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