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Stacking issue


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My topology looks like this


0 - master brick

0A - SSR

0B - SSR

0C - SSR

1 - DC brick

1A - 4Relay

1B - 4Relay


After connecting master brick to my mac (tested with beagle bone black with same results) few magic things can happend:

1. LEDs on both bricks turning off after few seconds

2. Bricks are restarting every few seconds

3. Only Master Brick and it's bricklets are visible



I found FAQ section, but non of those worked for me.


Any hints ?

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grhhhh :-/


they worked individually fine ..workED ..I just "bricked" my DC brick :-( ..LED is dead ..i beleve that one of stack connector disconected by accident while under voltage :-/

I have to order new one..


Thx for that clue!




brick was in "bootloader mode" ..so after upgrading firmware stack working stable !

..nice !

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