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SNMP bindings


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It would be nice if the Bricks have SNMP bindings for the RedBrick, Ethernet and Wifi. So I would be able to query bricklets sensors for the status from some high level SNMP monitoring system. .  Generating traps would be another step.


Also the step down power suppply could have a wider range of supply 6V to 60V  so it can be used in the industrial enviroment where we have -48V power (that is usualy -56V really)

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not realy hard stuff:

for the first time you can use the shell bindungs and use the execute-clause in snmpd.conf to call the bash script from snmpd.

It's also possible to make this as persistent script, that communicate with snmpd each time you poll an OID.


Optionaly you can write this external script in any possible language and call it in a persitant way from snmpd - have a look at the man page 5 - snmpd.conf


Ok - if this is not fast enouth or to easy you can build your own snmp subagent - but be warned: documentation is somewhat short and ugly and very good C/C++-Skills and snmp-understandig is needed.

From that subagent you can do all that's needed to gather information from underlaying sensors also from tf or whateverelse or can translate callbacks in traps.


btw: i like snmp too!





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